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Help Save Lorem Ipsum Books!


Lorem Ipsum Books is an independent bookstore located in Inman Square in Cambridge, MA. They are also home to the Papercut Zine Library: an actual library of over 14,000 zines that you can read and borrow.

Currently they are in danger of closing permanently unless they receive $14,000 in the next 11 hours (!!).

If you live in the Boston area or if you just like books and want to help out, and especially if your name is Rajon Rondo or Ben Affleck and have $14k in your pocket as we speak, please visit their fundraiser page and donate some money to help save this bookstore.


Guys I think Dieter Rams hacked Kanye’s account


CL for COMPLEX Magazine!

I swear if 2NE1 did songs in English they would be bigger than Spice Girls

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Meanwhile in Florida…

Meanwhile in Florida…

I only wear t-shirts that have Dikembe Mutombo’s face on them

I only wear t-shirts that have Dikembe Mutombo’s face on them

If you are looking for a neat place sort of hidden away in the Boston area there is the Papercut Zine Library located inside Lorem Ipsum Booksin Inman Square. You are right, a zine library might sound like the most twee thing in the universe (you even get a laminated library card!), but there are some good comix and art zines there, as well as this Rihanna fanzine.

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Kevin Lyons

Kevin Lyons


I never knew about this “If Your Girl Only Knew” remix with the Portishead sample and the hee hee hee hee how. RIP Baby Girl. 

important 2k artifact

Sharon Tate practicing her Kung-Fu routine with Bruce Lee and Nancy Kwan on the set of The Wrecking Crew (1968)

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